Triple Book Review + New Short Story

Greetings! It’s that time again—I’ve finished a selection of books, and I’m sharing my reviews of them on the Goblin Opinions blog. You can find more reviews, as well as a list of favorite readings, on my goodreads account.

This past month, I finished several books, all by the wonderful author Brandon Sanderson. I’ve spoken about Brandon at several points previously, and I hope to do so more in the future. For now, I’ll talk about three books I recently finished by him: a longer-end novel in his Stormlight Archive sequence, a shorter stand-alone book, and a novella.

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive, Book 2) (The Stormlight Archive,  2): Sanderson, Brandon: 8601421561136: Books

This one definitely blew me away; it was certainly the best of the series thus far, in my opinion. Sanderson’s intricacies in worldbuilding, philosophy, and character continue to amaze me; my expectations were met and exceeded by this second installment.

I found that Sanderson’s five-act structure really shined throughout this novel, allowing for more viewpoints and intricate plots than a normal 3-act or single-act book might be comfortable with. I was also increasingly impressed with the sharp, witty dialogue. A certain character you might meet if you end up reading the series will make an impression if witty prose is what you seek…

You can find my full review of Words of Radiance here.

Warbreaker, also by Brandon Sanderson

Warbreaker: Sanderson, Brandon: 9780765360038: Books

Sanderson’s stand-alone novel, Warbreaker, allows for understanding of some cross-over events in the Stormlight Archive, despite being magical and complete in its own right. Warbreaker raises questions of divinity, morality, and justice; in this novel, Sanderson’s explorations of philosophy really shine. His magic system is colorful and vibrant, both literally and metaphorically.

I listened to Alyssa Bresnahan’s narration of the novel; while a bit confusing at first, I quickly adapted to her narrating style. She brought every character within the story to life; upon finishing I hope to listen to more stories narrated by her.

It’s probably important to finish Warbreaker before beginning Oathbringer, the third book in the Stormlight Archive sequence. While not a necessity, it will help you catch easter eggs left by the author for the reader to discover.

Here’s my full Warbreaker review.

Edgedancer, Brandon Sanderson

Edgedancer: From the Stormlight Archive: Sanderson, Brandon: 9781250166548: Books

Edgedancer is a novella placed within Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive sequence—it bridges the gap between books two and three of that series. It was an interesting read, and one that captivated my attention—but mostly because I wanted to get to the main series’ third installment.

In Edgedancer, we are introduced to an unusual character—the young Lift, who offers comedic relief in the midst of a world-ending event. While I know some dislike the character—and I doubt I would want her as a full-on viewpoint character—I believe Sanderson nailed her development in this short installment. This is an important novel to read at some point in your trek through the Stormlight Archive, for worldbuilding and character alike.

I read this novella as a part of Sanderson’s collection of shorter tales, Arcanum Unbounded.

Finally, here’s my review of Edgedancer in full.

New Short Story Released

In other news, I’ve released an early draft of my new short story, Old Home, to the Goblin Opinions website. You can find that story here, as well as a short note explaining its part in my overarching sequence of tales.

Take care, folks! I’ll be back next week with more. Until then, feel free to check out this earlier post in which I speak more about Sanderson: his history, influence, and legacy.

“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.”

― Brandon Sanderson, The Way of Kings

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