Taking a Break + Plans for 2022

Greetings! This year seems to have gone by quickly, and while I only had this site for the later half of it, I’m glad I didn’t put it off. Goblin Opinions has certainly assisted in my writing journey, as well as that of continuing to read in the genres of fantasy and historical fiction. Many thanks to the cohort who have begun receiving updates—my gratitude is here in full, and I hope I can make it so that, going into next year, you won’t regret your decision.

Today I’ll be running down some end-of-year stuff, as well as explaining a bit of how I plan on expanding in 2022.

Feedback on the Site

Generally, this year has been encouraging. I wasn’t sure what to think going into blogging, but the feedback I’ve received has been pretty uplifting. The ability to get many of my thoughts out there, even if each only reaches a few people, is enormously satisfying—I would highly recommend pursuing blogging as an easy way of spreading ideas and defining opinions.

2022 Expansion

Next year, I plan on expanding the “Goblin Opinions” brand beyond this site. Specifically, I’m working on an extension into the YouTube and ArtStation spheres, where I’ll be discussing the art of worldbuilding, specifically in geography and the creation of fantastical maps. This is a niche art I’ve been working at for a while, and I hope to be able to promote it to a larger audience going into 2022. I’ll also be expanding the site to make room for a cartography gallery, and I’ll most certainly continue the blog series on worldbuilding.

Here’s an example of a map I made awhile back.

Those I display going forward will be of a similar style: that idea of the Tolkien-esc landscape with semi-realistic geography and fantasy-esc names. I’ll likely create a gallery of maps both here and on artstation.com, which seems to be a popular spot for many artists. While I will promote partially as a creator of maps, however, my main focus will still be in writing.

Next week, I plan on writing a short 2021 reading wrap-up, speaking about the best books I’ve read this year, as well as my 2022 plans when it comes to book reviews.

Well, with that, it appears we’re at the end. Farewell—I’ll see you briefly next week, then far more next year as things begin to shift. I’m certainly open to feedback, especially going into the new year.


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