So, you’ve found me

Goblin Opinions,

The various thoughts of J. Dan Goodberry, writer and occasional philosopher.

Greetings! Chances are if you’re seeing this, you’re new to the Goblin Opinions site. Either that or you’ve just stumbled upon an update conducted to (hopefully) improve the site in some way or another. Well, either way I’m happy you’re here. With several new additions as of late, I figured I’d create an updated introduction covering every corner of the site. If you’re still confused about anything after reading this, you can reach out to me at  

Before starting, I’d like to speak a bit about why I started this site. You can go ahead and skip the next couple of paragraph if you’re just here to navigate—they matter little in the scope of things, though I think they do offer a satisfying introduction as to my purpose here. 

There isn’t much like the act of sharing your thoughts with the world. Often our opinions and innovations are stuck bouncing around inside our brains, eventually left to fade into dust. We conduct internal debates in imaginary auditoriums, but we find ourselves worried about sharing the outcomes with those who we know, even with our families and friends. 

This is my attempt at reaching out. Of course, most of what I tell you here will be lighthearted; it will concern books, and writing, and the creation of imaginary worlds. Perhaps at some point I’ll go deeper—but I’m satisfied for now. As long as I’m sharing something, and someone finds it useful, I’d consider that a step forward. I’m not here to tell you to follow my blog, or like my posts, or share them with your friends. I’ll hardly ever say those things. This page can be considered an advertisement—it will link to all the pages of note on this site, and some on other sites. But I’d rather consider it a guide. I’m here to be honest, and to share my experiences with the world. Even if what I say just reached the ears—or the eyes, or I suppose the brain—of one solitary person out there, I’d consider my purpose fulfilled.

Let’s begin. The Blog is, I suppose, the centerpiece of the site. It covers a wide range of topics, from philosophy to worldbuilding to my personal writing journey and the things that I’ve learned. I’ll also occasionally post author deep dives and collections of book reviews, though the majority of reviews can be discovered on my goodreads account.

Sitting across from the blog is the page on which I’ve displayed some of my own fiction. Upon creating the site, I immediately wanted to include snippets of my personal writing in addition to the literary thoughts—not only do they go hand in hand, but sharing one’s writing can be a difficult first step, and I wanted to start hammering at that barrier straight away. Of course, this isn’t the same as sharing it with a professional. But perhaps you’ll catch an error and let me know. Or just read it for fun. Or take inspiration from my words. Anything short of plagiarism is a perfectly valid way of approaching my “unfinished stories.”

I’ve had a secondary passion for awhile now—even since before writing was my first. That passion is the drawing of fictional locations, specifically maps that represent sweeping landscapes and depict nations, cities, mountains, and rivers. This passion first struck me upon reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time; I was amazed at how Tolkien’s map and his story went hand in hand. I do suspect I would have finished the classic story sooner if there hadn’t been at least one map to distract me in every book. Soon after reading The Return of the King, as I began to discover more and more books with world maps, I decided to try and create my own: I hit up a few tutorials, and was soon practicing the art in my spare time. I’ve spoken more extensively about maps here; it also so happens that I’ve devoted a page to my gallery of such creations. In addition, I’ve posted a series of short cartography time-lapse videos on YouTube; if that sounds like something that would interest you, it may be worth investigating.

That’s it for now. This did turn out a bit longer than expected, and for that I apologize. Hopefully it’s still fairly to-the-point. I have hopes that something on this site will inspire you, as the stories I write about have inspired me. For now, farewell. I’ll see you around.



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